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Passive Income Generating Junkies

Passive income has so many advantages compared to working on a regular job running a brick-and-mortar business. With passive income, you’ll gain: 

  • A lifestyle of freedom from the corporate grind
  • The ability to earn money while doing what you like to do
  • Freedom from the old paycheck-to-paycheck routine
  • More time to pursue hobbies or spend with friends and family

what do these eBooks have to offer?

Here’s what these ebooks will empower you to do.

Work Independently--No Boss!

You will be completely independent. No boss, you can do what you want!

Claim Tax Benefits

I’ll teach you how you can claim business expenses for tax purposes!

Gain a Lifestyle of Freedom

Passive income allows you to travel anywhere in the world any time!

You Earn While Doing What You Like

Most people set up passive income based on what they enjoy most!

You Can Work From Anywhere

Work from home, from Starbucks, from a beach resort…anywhere!

You Can Sell The Business

You fully own the business or the asset that provides passive income!

Testimonials from People Who Read Passive Income – How to Make Money While You’re Sleeping

I’d heard about people making money partnering with Amazon but I never knew how to start. This book answered a lot of the questions I had and then some. Now that I am finished with the book I’m confident I can succeed with Amazon.

Chris C

The author expresses in detail the advantages of e-commerce. The descriptive information is highly useful and rewarding! The key is reading this book several times and adding additional strategies to marketing your ads. If you’re goal oriented, this book is for you!

Rico Lewis

Passive Income: How to Get Started Selling on Amazon By Brandon K. Gates provides the necessary, informative information for anyone looking to start or expand their business on Amazon. As this is my 2nd book purchased from this author, I find the content both relevant and realistic for anyone seeking the simplified, intricate details of generating passive income. This is without a doubt information that should be taught in high schools and colleges so our children are well equipped with this knowledge early on.


Creating Your Online Business: the modern passive income

About half the world’s population is online. The Internet is huge, and it just keeps growing.

It dominates our lives and it is changing the way we play, communicate, and purchase goods and services. But it’s not just a way to play games, stay in touch with friends, and order pizza! You can turn the Internet into your livelihood.

If you’re looking for a way to make money as a professional and a skilled person, you can freelance online and serve international clients. Or, if you prefer to earn passive income, think of the 3.7 billion people who are online daily and a great percentage of them are looking for particular goods and services. You can have a piece of the online income pie if you put your mind to it!

Now, you just need to decide how you want to earn a passive income so that you, too, can create lasting wealth.

Final Words of wisdom

 If anyone tells you about overnight success, they might be enticing you to buy their own products that may not necessarily be good enough. But real passive income is possible and you too can create it!

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