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There are 2 main steps involved in building an authority niche website:

Create a unique brand.

This involves everything from a catchy logo or catchphrase, setting up a blog using WordPress, and deciding on your website’s theme and voice.

Create outstanding content.

Authority blogs are known for high-quality, informative and well- written content that is unique and full of thoughtful, useful information. This means that if you aren’t planning to write the content yourself you’ll want to look for seasoned ghostwriters in your specific niche.

That ensures they have experience and first-hand knowledge of the topics.
You always want to write content that does3 very important things:

Connect with your readers. Your content needs to resonate with your audience so they begin to see you as an authority or expert on the topic. This means that your content needs to be well-researched, actionable and comprehensive.

Persuades your readers. Your writing needs to motivate them into taking action, even if that action simply involves returning to your website again. In order to persuade readers, you need to earn their trust and convince them, through your content, that you are an expert on the topic.

Excites your readers. Your content should be something your readers want to share with their friends and family. This means that you need to deliver content that is different from other blogs, whether that is by offering a fresh perspective, or simply a unique angle.

Identifying your content’s objective before you start writing is extremely important and will ensure that your material is direct, informative and hits the target.

Once you know what your objective is, concentrate on conveying your message in a concise, direct manner. Don’t get wordy! Develop content that people will want to share because it speaks to them, communicates a positive message that supports your brand and demonstrates your knowledge on the topic.
You also want to make sure your content is fully optimized for the search engines so that you’re able to drive targeted traffic to your site automatically.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to incorporate relevant keywords into your content as well as blog titles. is great for finding keywords that are truly useful. They’ll also show you estimated traffic and competition.


Inject traffic into your website.

You can do this several ways, including via automated marketing campaigns like Facebook ads.
While there’s a bit of a learning curve involved in creating effective advertising campaigns, if you truly want to minimize how much time you spend on it, you could outsource all the marketing to PR experts.

One fantastic tool that makes it easy to research your competition, pinpoint influential blogs, and reveal their traffic sources is BuzzSumo.

They offer a free version so check it out:


One of the most important decisions you’ll make when building an authority site is deciding on your niche market and the scope of your content. It’s important to narrow down your focus so that you’re able to attract a very specific market and then provide them with the kind of information they’re looking for.

If you attempt to create an authority blog that includes a wide variety of content from several different niche markets, chances are you’ll confuse your visitors and convolute your brand. So, begin by focusing on a single evergreen niche and then expand.

One of the easiest ways to check for profitability of an information- based niche is to check sites like Amazon for things such as:

• Books on the topic
• Magazines on the topic
• DVDs on the topic
• Book rankings which will indicate popularity
• Bestsellers lists

You want to see a lot of different books and products in your chosen category, and then analyze rankings to determine whether they are profitable, as well as how easy it would be for you to break into that market.

Ultimately, the best niches are evergreen niches that already have:

• Unlimited products to promote.
• High demand and constant growth.
• A large, existing customer base.
• Lots of existing websites, products, and forums.
• And above all else, competition!

It’s always best to focus on a niche that has already proven to be popular and profitable. Don’t be afraid of competition, it’s a sign that the niche is viable and worth pursuing.
When it comes to building your website, the easiest way to get started is by using WordPress. You can install it automatically with most hosting providers. You’ll find tons of great tutorials for building your site at

Building a profitable authority niche site will take time. You’ll want to outsource (or write) enough content to feed your blog for months to come while always optimizing your content for the search engines.

The key to success with authority blogs is to be consistent.
Consider hiring someone to maintain the website by publishing fresh content on a regular basis while responding to comments, updating plugins and helping to move your site along. It’s well worth it!